How to Conduct Internet Marketing in Singapore

Looking for expert tips on how to conduct internet marketing

in Singapore? We live in a highly digitised and competitive world. As a result, startups and established businesses should always devise strategies for reaching out to clients. Internet marketing is a proven strategy for ensuring that your company is heard out there and that it gains both online and offline visibility.

More than 80% of Singaporeans access the Internet using either PCs or mobile devices. Therefore, it is imperative that marketers formulate steadfast strategies for ensuring that their companies are marketed to this tech-savvy segment of the population. To achieve the most desirable results, here are actionable tips on how to conduct internet marketing in Singapore

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Email Marketing

This Internet marketing strategy entails sending emails to your current or potential clients with the objective of keeping them apprised with your company as well as the services and products that you sell. Email marketing has remained one of the most effective lead generation and direct marketing strategies.

Most social media influencers and affiliate marketers use email marketing to boost other internet marketing strategies that they have in place. To optimise your email marketing campaigns, here are three tips that you ought to keep in mind.

1: Reach Out to the Right Clients

It goes without saying that your email marketing campaign will yield no results if you target the wrong audience. This highlights the significance of categorising your customers according to their needs and demographics before you start sending out emails.

This may sound a little cumbersome but the effort spent segmenting your target audience will significantly increase the success of your email advertising campaign in Singapore.

2: Use Quality Subject Lines

Arguably, one of the most significant mistakes that companies make during their email marketing campaigns is the use of boring and unrelated subject headings. Market surveys indicate that most people only open emails that have catchy subject lines.

This highlights why you should always use eye-catching subject lines, which can draw the attention of whoever will receive your emails. It is advisable that you make the subject line descriptive, brief, and capable of encouraging recipients to not only open and read your emails but also go ahead to visit your site or even make a purchase.

How to Conduct Internet Marketing in Singapore

How to Conduct Internet Marketing in Singapore

3: Purchase a Quality Email List

If you run a new company that is trying to market itself in Singapore by use of Internet marketing, it is advisable that you purchase an email list. This will go a long way in providing a foundation for your campaign. You can get the email addresses of possible customers from companies such as and Ninja Email.

Nevertheless, you need to ascertain that whatever company you choose to get your email list has a database that only contains the email addresses of your target audience. This will ensure that your emails record an impressive response rate. Similarly, you can build your own mailing list.

Invest in Suitable Email Marketing Software

There are dozens of email marketing software out these including MailChimp, Constant Contact, Campaigner, and Get Response. With such, it will be easy for you to reach out to potential clients through the use of professional and custom-made emails.

To avoid having your account blacklisted, it is imperative that you understand the terms that guide the use of such software. For instance, MailChimp, and Constant Contact discourage users from the use of purchased email lists in their marketing campaigns.

Engage With Recipients Well

Good emails are an equivalent to Tweets and Facebook posts. For them to become viral, you must engage with recipients as well as motivate them to share the emails with others. This is why you should take time to create captivating content, which will spark your online readers’ interest.

In doing so, you will boost your chances of getting your emails shared or forwarded to other potential clients. Conversations that start in an email marketing campaign can spill over to social networks, thus expanding your market reach.

Email Marketing Campaign Statistics Ought to be Taken Seriously

Conversation rate, click-through rate, and bounce rate are the foremost metrics that are used to determine the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns. By taking note of these statistics, it will be easy for you to drive traffic to your site, thus generating more sales.

These metrics are crucial and therefore, ought to be carefully analysed so that you get an insight into aspects such as what is the best time to send emails. Likewise, the conversation rate will give you an idea about which content interests your audience the most.

Affiliate Marketing

Currently, affiliate marketing is still a new concept in Singapore. Nonetheless, it has been gaining traction impressively. Unlike it was the case in the past where only half of the Singaporean companies were using affiliate marketing to grow their business, more companies have embraced the strategy.

The growing popularity of affiliate marketing is attributed to its convenience, affordability and the ability to guarantee long-term outcomes. You can get affiliates from global marketing firms such as ClickBank. These affiliates will work to market you and your products on their websites, blogs, social media platforms, and through email marketing.

There are also tens of local affiliates in Singapore. These have a significant following of potential clients, and won’t hesitate to market your company in return for a commission whenever clients make a purchase. Other companies and affiliate marketing programs that you can take advantage of include Agoda Affiliate Partners, Affiliate, Commission Junction, Hotels Combined, and Amazon Associates.

Social Media Marketing

A significant portion of the Singaporean population is on social media. Therefore, one of the most effective strategies to conduct internet marketing in Singapore is to have a presence on social media. Social media marketing entails reaching out and connecting with potential clients via social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Often, clients discuss products before they place an order. Therefore, the closure rate is likely to be high if your products are referred to prospective clients by their trusted friends who are not salespeople but have bought and used your product in the past.

To understand just how social media marketing is, you have to consider this example. If you intend to purchase a refrigerator and you come across a fridge ad on a social media platform that has been liked 100 times by either your colleagues or family members, you are likely to purchase that particular model rather than something else.

By December 2015, Facebook had more than 1.1 billion active users around the world. Creating a Facebook page for your company and posting ads will not only boost your online presence, but it will similarly grow your sales. While posting Facebook ads, you can request the site only to show your ad to Singaporeans. This way, your ads will get maximum results.

When you use social media to drive your marketing campaigns in Singapore, numerous options can help you target a particular segment of users. For instance, florists who operate in Bukit Batok or Jurong East can choose their ads to be only visible to users who either live or work in the localities.

You can also use Twitter to boost your Internet marketing campaign. The social network allows you only to display your ads to a particular group of people. For instance, you can post videos that explain your services and products alongside comments and photos with links to your website. Other social networks that you can incorporate in your marketing campaigns include YouTube, WhatsApp, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


This is mainly a video sharing platform. With YouTube, you can create profiles so that you upload videos as well as comment on other users’ videos. Similarly, you can subscribe or follow other users. Creating a YouTube profile for your business will help you advertise through videos.


WhatsApp is a messaging app, which allows users to text each other and even share audios, photos, and videos for free. Your content can be shared on different WhatsApp groups, thus generating positive conversation about your products and services.


Instagram has grown into one of the most widely-used and popular social media platforms in Singapore. This free social network focuses on sharing videos and photos with other users through ordinary posts and Stories. When using Instagram to market your business in Singapore, you can post short videos or pictures so that your followers can view and post their comments.

How to Conduct Internet Marketing in Singapore

How to Conduct Internet Marketing in Singapore

The ability to incorporate hashtags, tag other users in your posts, and also tag your location can help expand the reach of your posts. Geotagging in particular, enables you to reach out to users who are not your followers, but are within the locality that you mentioned in your posts.


This social network allows you to create your own blogs, which you can go ahead to personalise and post other media to. Other users can also view and share your posts. Tumblr is an excellent platform for sharing your blog posts especially if you incorporate blogs into your Internet marketing campaigns.


This free social media network allows users to upload and view various images and videos or pins. This should be your go-to platform if you love sharing pictures of your products. What makes Pinterest attractive to internet marketers is that they can share their posts on other platforms thus boosting their marketing campaigns all the more.


This is s formal social media platform, which mainly attracts professionals in various fields. Users can create business and professional profiles on LinkedIn and after that, connect with those that are either in the same profession or similar businesses. This platform offers great business communication and interaction. If can be particularly helpful if you are looking to attract clients who are in a specific profession or business.


SEO is a digital marketing strategy whose objective is to ensure that your website reaches the summit of search engine results. Besides this, SEO ensures that your site attracts organic traffic. Since Internet users always take to Google whenever they need information about something, it is critical to ensure that your website ranks high.

There are several tools that can help your site to be visible to Internet users. These include Google Adwords Planner and Google Analytics. With these tools, it will be easy for you to gain insights into the keywords that customers use when searching for products and services that are similar to yours.

If you want to connect with clients continuously without necessarily spending a fortune, you should take advantage of professional SEO services. Typically, SEO targets a specific group of customers who are already interested in your services and products.

Combining SEO and SEM will go a long way in improving the conversion rate. Also known as PPC, search engine marketing is designed to place your website at the summit of search engine results. It uses a paid advertising channel. SEM enables you to target a specific group of clients who are searching for services and products that you are selling.

SEM is often referred to as PPC because you will only need to pay the marketers involved when potential clients view and click on your ads. Typically, these ads are placed strategically on web pages to make them visible to Internet users. PPC is more effective than traditional advertising methods since with it. You can tell exactly who viewed your ads, and from what location.

Content Marketing

This is the creation and distribution of valuable and relevant content with the intent of communicating with the customers to meet marketing goals. Brands need to have content marketing strategies that focus on communicating with the target audience instead of selling.

You should provide content that educates, amuses, and consistently delivers value to your site visitors. This will attract and retain the most qualified customers for your products and services. High-quality content plays an important role when you are formulating your internet marketing.

Many people struggle when it comes to creating a content marketing strategy. While this is easier said than done, there are steps to creating a content marketing strategy. This is a sure way to ensure that browsers convert to customers.

Reputation Marketing

This is the use of press releases, customer review platforms, and social media to create a positive perception of your brand. When done properly, it leads to an increase in online referrals and reviews, which are the backbone of every internet marketing strategy.

conduct internet marketing in Singapore

conduct internet marketing in Singapore

Reputation marketing compromises of many things, which work together to create and develop a distinctive brand as well as to encourage customers to post reviews. On top of this, the businesses need to respond to the reviews and quickly resolve customer complaints and concerns on the review platform or social media.

The five steps of reputation marketing include

  • Create a system for gathering client feedback
  • Build a five-star reputation
  • Manage your five-star reputation
  • Market your five-star reputation
  • Monitor your online reputation

With that said, not everything goes as planned and you will have to undertake reputation management. This is the process of identifying what people are saying about your brand and taking steps to shape their opinion about you and your brand.

Influencer Marketing

With the evolution of social media and blog platforms, internet marketing is becoming more reliant on influencers. These are people with a vast online following, and are paid to promote brands.

With the increase in the number of social media platforms, target audiences are split for choice, and it is necessary that you pick the proper influencer for your brand.

Define Your Objectives

One of the major mistakes most brands make is to choose an influencer based on the number of followers. While the number of people a person can influence is essential, influencers have more to give to a brand.

One thing is for sure, influencers cannot keep up with your digital benchmarks besides having their brands to think about and manage. For this reason, you need to identify an influencer that properly integrates with your brand’s digital content and strategy. This begins when you define your internet marketing objectives and and the expected outcome.

You also need to think about several things such as the influencer’s background, how they will tell your story, the platforms they use, past brand collaborations and so much more. For example, Coca-Cola will not go for an influencer who has declared their love for Pepsi in the past.

Paid Advertisement

Digital marketers have many marketing options to choose from, but the best marketers know that paid advertising wins every time. This is because it allows them to target their ideal audiences and thus have better-qualified traffic for their websites.

Paid marketing includes things such as pay-per-click ads or social media ads. The ads are conveniently placed on search engines and social media, and you pay every time a browser clicks on the ad.

Google Ads is the biggest paid search platform while Bing Ads come a close second, and it serves search ads on Yahoo as well. Search marketing today includes mobile, display, targeting and retargeting, as well as paid social advertising.

All social media platforms have various ways that you can increase the reach of your posts and ads. For example, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have made it much more difficult to get organic traffic, and this means that you must pay to get your ads to the most appropriate candidate.

Measure Your Results

Every internet marketing strategy needs to be measured, and the results analysed to establish whether they are producing the results envisioned in your objectives. Most of the tools available in the market give monthly reports, but you can customise them to get the results when you need them.

Google Analytics

This is one of the best tools of measuring the metrics on your website and blog. Essentially, it compiles all the information about the results of your internet marketing activities. It will show you the source of your traffic, where the visitors clicked on your website, and so much more.

Other than Google Analytics, other web analytics tools can also help you measure the results of your internet marketing strategies and activities. With that said, there are metrics that you must consider to know if your internet marketing is worth the time and resources

  • Visitors per month – There are two ways to count site visitors. Visitors are the total number of people coming to your site in a month, while unique visitors are the number of different number of visitors visiting your site
  • Page views per month – This is the number of individual page views from unique visitors
  • Time Spent on your site – After you have identified the number of visitors and views to your site, you need to know how much time the visitors are spending on your website
  • Heat map or click path – This is where visitors click while navigating your site
  • Number of links – The more sites that link to your website, the more ways that search engine spiders will have of searching for your site, and this will improve your site rankings

When it comes to PPC ads, you need to know the total number of search engine referrals your sites gets per month. It will help you identify the keywords that lead traffic from search marketing.

Artificial Intelligence

AI marketing in Singapore

AI marketing in Singapore

AI is revolutionising how brands conduct internet marketing in Singapore and the world. Gartner analysts predicted that by 2020, AI technology would be a vital part of every product, software, and services.

Moreover, Techgrabyte noted that AI technology has the most significant commercial opportunity for industries, companies, and countries in the next decade. It is projected that it would contribute at least 14%of the global GDP by 2030.

But how does it relate to internet marketing in Singapore? Here are reasons why you should adopt AI in your internet marketing activities:

  • AI can analyse user behaviour and their search patterns
  • It can use data gathered from social media platforms to help businesses understand how consumers find products and services

For example, MasterCard created a Facebook messenger bot that uses AI and natural processing language software to predict what consumers want. Moreover, it responds to customer queries as though it was a real customer care representative.

It is also predicted that AI will soon be integrated into a variety of internet marketing services, such as:

  • Customer service chatbots
  • Product recommendations
  • Email personalisation
  • Content creation
  • Automating e-commerce transactions
  • Basic communication between the brand and the consumer

For this reason, you need to start looking at the application of AI technology in your industry niche. It is be the edge you need to cut staffing costs, become more competitive, and accelerate growth.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising refers to the use of AI to automate ad impression buying to improve targeting and lead generation strategies. For example, real-time bidding is more efficient and faster, which translates to an increase in conversion rates and lower customer acquisition costs.

A majority of digital display ads will be programmatic by 2020. This is how programmatic advertising works:

  • Step 1: A user clicks on your webpage
  • Step 2: The marketer or webmaster puts their ad impression for auction
  • Step 3: The ad marketplace convenes an auction among the willing advertisers for the ad impression
  • Step 4: The marketer willing to bid the most for the impression wins the action, and they can display the ad on the page
  • Step 5: The ad is delivered to the leads
  • Step 6: The lead clicks on the ad and the brand starts to take them down the conversion funnel

Programmatic advertising is one of the latest ways of automating how internet marketing is done. The incorporation of AI technology will help you be more effective in how you bid for ad impressions.

Automated Website Live Chat

Employing customer service representatives to be available 24/7 is not only expensive but impractical for most brands. The solution to this problem has come in the form of website live chat. Chatbots are being incorporated into live chats, and they play a crucial role in shaping the internet marketing trends.

They are rooted in AI technology and use instant messaging to chat with prospects and customers in real-time. By 2020, chatbots will be at the centre of customer support, and 63% of consumers consider chatbots as the best way to communicate with a brand.

This makes chatbots some of the best virtual assistants since they offer over the top customer support. When programmed properly, chatbots will change how brands meet their customer’s expectations, and they will automate repetitive tasks allowing brands to cut costs.

Personalised Experiences

In the modern era, marketers who offer personalised experiences will get the bulk of the business from prospective customers. Creating personalised experiences includes the creation of personalised products, content emails, and more.  Today, marketers are simplifying buying processes by leveraging on available data such as consumer behaviour, purchase history, sites visited, the links clicked and more.

With that said, 63% of consumers hate generic ads, and as much as 80% of the consumers will purchase from a brand offering personalised buying experiences. For example, personalised emails are three times more likely to be opened compared to general emails.

Visual Search

Most brands have relied on keyboard search for too long, but the tide is changing. Visual search is where a user uploads an image, and the search engine offers more specific results based on the uploaded image. For example, Pinterest uses Lens, a visual search tool that allows their users to take a photo to find where they can buy it online, view pinboards, and search for related products and items.

This makes it equally important for brands to optimise their websites and other digital marketing platforms for visual search. Google also has its version of Lens, and it uses the camera app as a search bar. Visual search is possible through the integration of real-time augmented reality.

Voice Search

Voice search has also forced digital marketers to rethink they conduct internet marketing in Singapore. Predictions suggest that at least half of all searches will be done via voice by 2020. Marketers need to recognise that it is not about remaining relevant but an opportunity to create unique and personalised customer experiences.

Amazon’s Alexa already has 30,000 skills which allow the smart voice assistants to react to user queries and commands with over 90% precision. To optimise for voice search, marketers need to start creating content in a conversational tone using keywords phrases that users will speak rather than typing.

Leveraging on Micro-moments

The modern customer makes instant decisions, mainly due to the availability of smartphones, which leads to micro-moments. As a marketer, these are the four micro-moments you need to know about:

  • I-want-to-know moments
  • I-want-to-go moments
  • I-want-to-do moments
  • I-want-to-buy moments

Moreover, micro-moments have challenged the linear buyer funnel. To benefit from micro-moments, marketers need to:

  • Identify their consumer’s ‘I-want-to-buy’ moments
  • Deliver relevant information
  • Reduce the purchasing processes
  • Measure the impact of every moment the consumer has with the brand
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Address 80 Changi Rd, #05-03, Singapore 419715
Web link
Telephone +65 9129 6248
Agency Name Amber Creative
Main Services ·         Google PPC

·         Web Development

Main Clients La Belle, Mind Champs, NGEE ANN, Hitched, Phostreet
Address 8 Burn Road Trivex #7-11, Singapore 369977
Web link
Telephone +65 6904 8865
Agency Name Appiloque
Main Services ·         Google PPC

·         Web Development

Main Clients Kumon, Brother at your side, Gold Storage, Stamford
Address 883 North Bridge Road, 03-03, Southbank, Singapore 198785
Web link
Telephone 114 Lavender Street CT Hub 2, #02-64 Singapore 338729
Agency Name Digital Nova
Main Services ·         SEO

·         SEM

·         SMM

Main Clients Fairfield Book Publisher, VTeach Pte Ltd, Singapore Sports and Orthopaedic Clinic
Address 16 Raffles Quay, #41-07, Hong Leong Building, Singapore 048581
Web link
Telephone +65 6909 0975
Agency Name Purple Click
Main Services ·         SEM

·         SEO

·         SMM

Main Clients KGI, SMRT, Galmon, UOB, Carbon
Address 61 Science Park Road, #05-19/21 The Galen, Singapore 117525
Web link
Telephone +65 6533 8655
Agency Name Disruptive Digital
Main Services ·         Content Marketing

·         SEO

·         SEM

·         Web Designing

Address 8 Burn Road, #15-13 Trivex, Singapore 369977
Web link
Telephone +65 6589 8607
Agency Name ConstructDigital
Main Services ·         SEO

·         SEM

·         Web Development.

Main Clients Tupperware, SAP, Riverbad, Omron,
Address 114 Lavender Street #11-85, Singapore 338729
Web link
Telephone +65 6438 4886
Agency Name HSP Digital
Main Services ·         SEO

·         PPC

·         Social Media marketing

Main Clients Thong Yong, T-Space, TimHoWan, Portal, Norman
Address 279 Balestier Road, Balestier Point, #02-20, Singapore 329727
Web link
Telephone +65 6259 7709
Agency Name Eastside Mafia
Main Services ·         SEO

·         SEM

·         SMM

Main Clients Citibank, Wearnes, Prudential, Larmore
Address 287b Outram Rd, Singapore 169070
Web link

Digital marketing courses in Singapore-2019

Offline Digital marketing Course in Singapore

Name of the Course Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing
Organizer Singapore Management University
Outline of Course SEO, SEM, Social media Marketing, Video Marketing, Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing,
Fee S$10,272
Telephone +65 6828 9688 (Anne, SMU Academy)
Course Name Digital Marketing course
Organizer General Assembly
Course Outline The course will cover SEO, Content Strategy, social media marketing and Persuasion Marketing,
Fee S$4,000
Web link
Course name Diploma in Digital Marketing
Organizer M.A.D School
Course Outline The course will cover copywriting for the various social media platforms, branding, and content creation for formats such as videos.
Fee SGD 5,900 excluding misc. fees.
Telephone +65 6337 5449
Name of Course Short courses in digital marketing
Organizer Equinet Academy
Outline of the Course 2-day courses that cover SEO, Social media, email, digital marketing and advertising
Fee S$740
Telephone +65 6816 3016
Name of Course Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies
Organizer Marketing Institute of Singapore
Outline of the Course Basic Social Media marketing, digital marketing, i.e., SEO, SEM, EDM
Fee S$795
Telephone +65 6327 7580
Name of Course Fundamental course of Digital Marketing
Organizer Kaplan Singapore
Course Outline It will cover Google Analytics and Ad Words platforms/tools.
Fee Contact Kaplan
Telephone +65 6411 4355
Course Name Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing
Organizer Lithan Hall Academy
Course Outline Google Analytics

Ad Words

Social media marketing



PPC campaigns

Fee $923-$4,173
Web link
Telephone +65 6324 9730
Name Executive Course in Strategic Digital Marketing
Organizer UpGrad
Course Outline Google Analytics

Ad Words

Social media marketing



PPC campaigns for Facebook

Fee USD 1,800
Web link
Telephone 1800 210 2020
Name Online Certificate in Digital Marketing
Organizer Squared Online
Course Outline The course is taught in 5 modules, 1 per month, covering things such as data-driven insights as well as consumer behaviour.
Pricing US $2,595
Telephone +44 (0) 20 3911 3361
Name 12 Essentials of Digital Marketing
Organizer Temasek Polytechnic
Course Outline SEO

Social media marketing

Email marketing etc

Pricing S$49
Telephone +65 6789 8220
Name Specialist Diploma in Digital Marketing & Analytics
Organizer Singapore Polytechnic
Course Outline Digital marketing fundamentals

Digital marketing strategies

Digital analytics

Social media marketing

Digital content development

Social media analytics

Fee $1,054
Web link
Telephone +65 6775 1133
Name Digital Marketing Diploma in Business Administration
Organizer PSB Academy
Course Outline Do enquire directly with PSB Academy for more information.
Fee S$6420 (Full-time) S$5,264.00 (part-time)
Telephone +65 6390 9048
Name Digital Marketing (Credit Bearing to SMU’s Master of Science in Communication Management)
Organizer Singapore Management University
Course Outline Introduction to Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing
Fee $1,500
Telephone +65 6828 9577
Course Name Digital Marketing Workshop
Organizer Singapore Media Academy (CPE Registered)
Course Outline Introduction to Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing



Facebook Marketing with PPC

Fee $834.60
Web link
Telephone +65 6435 6000
Name Digital Marketing Courses
Organizer Comat
Course Outline ·         Digital Marketing Overview

·         SEO Marketing

·         SEM

·         Social Media

Pricing S$342 to S$1,605
Telephone +65 6323 7911
Name Digital Marketing Courses
Organizer General Assembly
Course Outline ·         HTML

·         SS & Web Design

·         Data Analysis

·         Digital Marketing

·         User Experience Design

·         JavaScript Development

Fee USD1,250
Web link
Course Name Specialist Diploma in Digital Marketing and Analytics
Organizer Name Singapore Polytechnic
Course Outline ·         Digital Marketing Fundamentals

·         Digital Marketing Strategies,

·         Digital Analytics

·         Social Media Marketing

·         Digital Content Development

·         Social Media Analytics

Fee S$972
Web link
Telephone +65 6775 1133
Name Diploma in Digital Marketing
Organizer Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy (CMA)
Course Outline ·         Branding

·         Innovative Marketing

·         Copywriting

·         Digital Marketing

·         Content Marketing and Creation

·         Social Media Marketing

Fee $6,650 (10-month course)
Telephone +65 8186 0867
Course Name Diploma in Digital Marketing
Organizer Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy
Course Outline ·         This course will offer the issue of

·         Innovative digital marketing

·         Branding, content creation

·         Social media marketing

Fee S$ 9,132
Web link
Telephone +65 6337 5449
Course Name Diploma in Business Administration (Digital Marketing)
Organizer PSB Academy
Course Outline ·         It focuses on

·         email marketing

·         SEO

·         web analytics

·         social selling

·         And online advertising

Fee S$7,230 to SGD$15, 164.53.
Web link
Telephone +65 6390 9048
Name Digital Marketing Training
Organizer Intellisoft
Course Outline SEO, SEM, Digital marketing, Facebook campaign, PPC,
Fee S$500
Web link
Telephone +65 6296 2995

Top Online Digital Marketing Course

Online Course Name HubSpot Academy Content Marketing Certification Course
Creator(s) Justin Champion, Guillaume Delloue, Joe Del Bene, Casey Linehan, Jami Oetting, Kit Lyman, Sujan Patel, Lindsay Thibeault
Course Topic Content Marketing
Level Beginner
Lessons You’ll have a solid content marketing foundation to build on
Online Course Name Intro to Social Media Advertising with Buffer
Creator(s) Brian Peters
Course Topic Social Media Marketing
Level Beginner
Lessons ·         Demystifying vocabulary

·         Setting campaign goals

·         Targeting audience segments

·         Developing compelling copy and visuals

·         Iterating and optimizing campaigns for long-term success

Online course web link
Online Course Name Ahrefs Academy
Creator(s) Tim Soulo, Kathryn Aragon
Course Topic SEO, Content Marketing
Level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Lessons ·         Keyword research;

·         Competitive research;

·         Link building;

·         Link acquisition;

·         Strategic SEO

Online course web link
Online Course Name SEO Training Course by Moz
Creator(s) Rand Fishkin
Course Topic SEO
Level Beginner
Lessons SEO



Online course web link
Online Course Name The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Monetizing Pinterest
Creator(s) Nicholas Carroll, MBA, MS
Course Topic Social Media Marketing
Level Beginner
Lessons Digital Marketing, Social media marketing, SEO etc
Online course web link
Online Course Name Summer Series Email Marketing Course by Constant Contact
Creator(s) Miranda Paquet and the Constant Contact team
Course Topic Email Marketing
Level Beginner
Lessons Email marketing
Online course web link
Online Course Name Twitter Flight School
Creator(s) N/A
Course Topic Social Media Marketing
Level Beginner
Lessons Social media marketing, SEO, SEM, digital marketing
Online course web link
Online Course Name Google Academy for Ads
Creator(s) N/A
Course Topic PPC
Level Beginner
Lessons ·         Programmatic ads;

·         Adwords;

·         Doubleclick;

·         Video ads

Online course web link
Online Course Name The 2018 SEO Training Course: Building Sustainable Traffic for Business Growth
Creator(s) Matthew Howells-Barby
Course Topic SEO
Level Beginner, Intermediate
Lessons SEO, SEM, PPC
Online course web link
Online Course Name How to use Instagram Stories for Business
Creator(s) Taylor Loren, Stephanie Gilbert, Bob Wolfley, Jennie Yoon, Rene Montelongo
Course Topic Social Media Marketing
Level Beginner, Intermediate
Lessons SEO, SEM, social media marketing
Online course web link

Digital marketing jobs, career and salary in Singapore-2019

Most popular digital marketing job title in Singapore

1.          Content Creator
2.          Content Strategist
3.          Content Marketing Manager
4.          Creative Assistant
5.          Digital Brand Manager
6.          Creative Director
7.          Marketing Data Analyst
8.          Marketing Technologist
9.          Digital Marketing Manager
10.      Social Media Coordinator
11.      Social Media Strategist
12.      Community Manager
13.      SEO Specialist
14.      SEO Strategist
15.      SEO/Marketing Manager
16.    SEO consultants
17.    Local SEO Specialist
18.    Link Builder
19.    Copywriter
20.    Digital marketing consultant / agency
21.    PPC Consultant
22.    Paid Advertising Specialist
23.    PPC Manager
24.    Social Media Consultant

Digital marketing Jobs and Salaries in Singapore

In-house job and salary in Digital Marketing sector of Singapore

Job Title Minimum Yearly Salary (,000) Average Yearly Salary (,000) Maximum Yearly Salary (,000)
Marketing Manager $84 $97 $110
Senior Marketing Manager $110 $130 $150
Marketing Director $180 $215 $250
Ecommerce Manager $80 $100 $120
Ecommerce Director $200 $275 $350
Social Media director $50 $100 $150
SEO / SEM director $80 $115 $150
Web Analysts $80 $115 $150

Agency Job in Digital marketing Sector: Yearly Salary

Job Position Minimum salary (Thousand) Average salary(Thousand) Highest Salary(Thousand)
Account Manager $50 $60 $70
Account Director $70 $85 $100
Business Director $150 $200 $250

SEO Jobs and Salaries

Job Titles Yearly Salary in Thousands
 SEO Manager $40
Content Marketing Manager $54
SEO Specialist $29
Digital Strategy Director $180
SEO Account Manager $61
SEO Professional $122
SEO Analyst $60
SEM Manager $36
Web Senior Operations Manager $156
SEO Marketing Director $150
SEO Marketing Communications Manager $37
SEO Managing Editor $46
SEO Content Writer $22
SEO Content Marketer $36
SEO Business Development Manager $41

Jobs and Salaries for digital marketers

Job Titles Yearly salary (in thousands)
Digital Marketing Executive $30- $38
Digital Marketing Manager $52- $90
Digital Marketing Director $84 – $150
Social Media Executive $30 – $38
Social Media Manager $53- $85
Social Media Director $84- $150
Paid Media Specialist $42 – $72
Lead Digital Strategist $54- $78
Marketing Analyst $30 – $48
Content Manager $45- $78

Digital Marketing Salaries based on experience-2019

Title of the job Experience (Year) Yearly salary in Thousands
Digital Marketing Director Above 15 $220- $350
Assistant Director From 10 to 15 $160- $230
Senior Manager in Digital marketing 10 to 15 $100- $160
Digital Marketing Manager 8  to 10 $80 – $120
Digital Marketing Executive up to 7 $60 – $90

Most popular top level jobs and salaries in the digital marketing sector of Singapore

Job Title Yearly Salary (Thousand)
Head of Ecommerce $120 – 240
Digital Marketing Manager $84- 120
Digital Marketing Executive $48 – 84
Social Media marketing Manager $54 – 72
Digital Marketing Brand Manager $60- 84
Digital Marketing Analyst S$60
Digital Marketing Communications S$52
Digital Marketing Account Manager S$70

The Differences of SEO, SEM, CRO, Social Media, Video Marketing, E mail Marketing

Comparison of the trends

SEO trends: the common and most important SEO trends in Singapore

·         Voice Search
·         Mobile-first Indexing
·         Blockchain Technology Impacts SEM and SEO in Singapore
·         The Rise of Amazon Search Optimisation
·         Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
·         “Linkless” mentions
·         Rich Featured Snippets
·         Artificial Intelligence (AI)
·         Invest in Technical SEO
·         Go Beyond Google Search

Most importantly…

  • Voice-activated smart speakers are on the rise expecting to see an increase in searcher intent.
  • Rich snippets have more condensed titles, reviews and an image.
  • AI will be the hottest topic for the next decades in Singapore

Top SEO Tools Commonly used in Singapore

·         Google Search Console
·         Google Analytics
·         Google Trends
·         SEMRush
·         Ahrefs
·         Screaming Frog
·         Majestic
·         SpyFu
·         Moz
·         SEOQuake
·         KWFinder
·         SEO PowerSuite
·         Serpstat
·         Fat Rank
·         Answer the Public

In Singapore, SEO is an ever-changing industry so it should keep up with the pace to upgrade SEO strategy for the companies.

SEM trends in Singapore

In Singapore, search engine marketing (SEM) will continue to be one of the most significant bets of brands in the year of 2019. 40% of brands are thinking to increase their PPC budget in Singapore.

SEM trends in 2019 will be the following:

·       Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc a must in SEM campaigns in Singapore
·       Pay attention to visual searches will be and important issue in Singapore
·       In 2019, LinkedIn will compete with Google Ads
·      Amazon will also add new dimension in Singapore
·      Ad blockers will change the rules of the game
·     Voice Search will be the red hot technology
·     All consumers will tend to gravitate toward interactive content
·     Live video will be the common issue
·      Mobile campaigns will be the hot issue because of the expansion and development of the smartphone technology
·       As far as SEM trends go, AI tool will be a potential tool for digital marketing in Singapore

CRO Trends in Singapore

CRO improves overall digital marketing strategy by increasing the value of website to each visitor. CRO market share is increasing during the last few years. The CRO trends in Singapore are shown below:

·     To improve CRO, marketers will be even more focused on quantitative as well as collaborative approaches
·      More interactivity with users and personalized experiences will help improve CRO
·      AI and automation are here to stay – even in CRO
·       CRO will begin to deal with the new ways users are searching and engaGing with web sites
·       GDPR, PECR, ePrivacy Regulation, and other digital ethics/privacy legislation will impact CRO

Social Media Trends in Singapore

General Social Media Trends in Singapore 2019
·     In 2019, Singapore had 4.3 million Facebook with 90 percent accessing the social network on mobile.
·     The highest difference between men and women occurs within people aged 25 to 34, where men lead by 80 000
·     In Singapore, 84% activity engaged with social media
·     99% Singaporean visited or used a social network or messaging service
·     In Singapore, 8.8 average number of social media account per internet user in 2019
·     In 2019, 21% of internet users use social media for work purpose
·      In 2019, individuals between the ages of 23 and 38 dominate social media in Singapore
·     The amount of time Singaporeans spend on social media is 2 hours, 08 minutes
·      Total social media user in Singapore are 4.3 million which accounted for 74.6% of its entire population.
·      There are 83% of adults aged 13+
·      The majority of them i.e., 51.1% are male and 48.9 % audiences are female
Social media marketing trends
·    In Singapore, companies 4.3 million audience through Facebook marketing.
·     LinkedIn audiences are 2. 60 Million. So, companies can reach 2.6 million people through LinkedIn.
·     In Singapore 2.2 Million people can be reached through Instagram marketing.
·     Twitter audiences are 1.1 Million and Snapchat audiences are 555 Thousand. So, through Twitter and SnapChat, it is possible to reach 1.1 million and 555 thousand audience through Twitter and SnapChat respectively.
·     WhatsApp takes 87 percent of Singapore’s social messaging market, followed by Facebook Messenger at 52 percent. WeChat’s user base grew by 9 percent from the previous year, while both Skype and LINE’s respective market share remains unchanged.

Video Marketing trends in Singapore

Innovative video marketing trends for 2019 in Singapore
·      In 2019, Facebook Live may be dead, but live video lives on in Singapore
·       In Singapore, Videos will become shoppable
·       In next time, Interactive 360 video technology will expand in Singapore
·       1:1 video experiences will continue in Singapore
·       It has a grate possibility that everyone will be vlogging
·       In next time, videos will be easily searchable in Singapore
·        Training and education videos will expand
·        Video is Getting Search-Friendly

Email Marketing Trends in Singapore

Top 5 Email Marketing Trends for 2019
·      2019 Will Be the Year of Customer Experience Email Marketing
·       Brand Authenticity & Customer-Centric Marketing Will Shine
·       The story is told through StoryTelling Emails
·       Emails start behaving like the World Wide Web
·       Email – key to access the customer’s journey
·       Interactivity
·       AI: New Marketing Opportunities But Low Adoption
·       Automation and Personalization
·       Design Cues from Social Media
·       Big Privacy thing, Automation Consolidation & Smarter Marketers

Comparison of the statistics

SEO statistics

Search categories and percentage of search in Singapore -2019

Search categories Percentage
% of all global e-commerce traffic comes from search 39%
%of all online experiences begin with a search engine 93%
%of  users ignore paid ads in search results 80%
%of all searches will be voice searches by 2020 50%
% of searches come from mobile 58%
%of page-one results have at least one image on the page 97%
% of all Google searches are local 46%

search categories percentage of search 2019 in Singapore

search categories percentage of search 2019 in Singapore

·         In Singapore, 86% people search online for products and services
·         80% consumers use search engines to find local information
·         88% of searches for local businesses on a mobile
·         In Singapore, Google dominates with 95.5% search engine market share followed by Yahoo and 2% and Bing at 1.29%.
·         Latest research on click-thru-rates from AWR, the first 3 organic listings capture 55% of all desktop search traffic and 45% of all mobile search traffic.
·         61% of mobile searchers are more likely to contact a local business
·         57% of B2B marketers state SEO as their main lead generation channel and far more effective than any other initiative.
·         Over 78% of location-based mobile searches result in an offline purchase and visit in-store within 24 hours.
·         97% of Singaporean people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else

SEM Statistics in Singapore

In Singapore, 64.6% of clicks for high commercial intent keywords come from sponsored results in 2019

  • Display ads can increase web traffic by up to 300%
  • In Singapore, brands that use display ads gain 63% increase in brand awareness to their target audience

Search Engine Market Share in Singapore – October 2019 (all platform)

Search Engines Percentage Market Share
Google 96.29%
Yahoo! 1.76%
bing 1.13%
Baidu 0.24%
DuckDuckGo 0.23%

This statistic depicts the market share of leading search engines across Singapore as of September 2019. As of this date, Google led the search engine market in Singapore with a 96.29 percent share of the market.

Desktop Search Engines Percentage Market Share
Google 94.12%
bing 2.48%
Yahoo! 2.22%
Baidu 0.25%
DuckDuckGo 0.21%

SEM Cost Statistics

·     Facebook CPC in Singapore is $1.10 in 2019
·      Facebook CPM in Singapore is $7.30 in 2019
·       CPC (Instagram) in Singapore is $1.40 in 2019
·      CPM (Instagram) is $6.80 in Singapore
·      CPC (Lindedin)  is $2.00 in Singapore
·     CPM (Linkedin) is $8.00 in Singapore
·     Email Cost per lead is $1 in Singapore in 2019
·     In Singapore, Google CPC is $2 in 2019

CRO Statistics in Singapore

·    Singapore CRO market has inclined at positive CAGR during the years of 2013-2019. CRO Market is estimated to be about $820 million in 2019
·   The forecasted growth rate is 7% for the year of 2019 compared to the 6% average growth in the Asian regions.
·    CRO market in Singapore is dominated by MNCs that are capitalizing on the increasing government support for clinical research and foreign investment.
·    Singapore currently hosts more than 50 international biomedical science companies
·    Singapore CRO market is expected to grow at a positive CAGR during 2019-2022.

Social Media statistics in Singapore

Dissemination of Leading Social Networks in Singapore 2019

Social networks Penetration rate
YouTube 87 percent
Whatsapp 86 percent
Facebook 82 percent
Instagram 59 percent
FB messenger 52 percent
Twitter 34 percent
LinkedIn 33 percent

penetration of social networks in Singapore

penetration of social networks in Singapore

Singapore ranks 4th in terms of global social media penetration, after the position of U.A.E., Taiwan, and South Korea.
In Singapore, 4.60 million people are active social media users and 4.2 million people active on mobile.
So, social media represent 79 percent of total population and mobile phone user represents 72 percent of the total population in Singapore.
The people of Singapore spend at least 7 hours and 2 minutes every day online with 2 hours and 8 minutes used for social media platforms.

Social Media Use by E-commerce Companies in Singapore-2019

Year Ad Spending (in million US$)
2017 42
2018 52
2019 61
2020 70
2021 77
2022 82
2023 86

Ad spending in Singapore

Ad spending in Singapore

  • Ad spending in the Social Media Advertising segment amounts to 42m, 52m and 61m in 2017, 2018 and 2019 respectively.
  • Ad spending is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 8.8%,
  • So, the market volume of digital ad industry will be US$86m by 2023.

Average Ad Spending per Internet User in Singapore-2019

Year Average Ad Spending per Internet User in US$
2017 9.24
2018 11.09
2019 12.91
2020 14.5
2021 15.75
2022 16.63
2023 17.91

average ad spending

average ad spending

In 2017, average ad spending per internet users was $9.24. In 2018, it is increased to $11.09, and in 2019 it is reached to $12.91. And it is expected that in the near future this growing trend will be continued.

Video Marketing Statistics in Singapore

80% of the people in Singapore watch live video from a brand rather than reading their blog
82% Singaporean people like the live video from any companies to social media posts
70% of consumers say that they have shared a brand’s video.
72% of businesses say video has improved their conversion rate.
52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions.
65% of executives visit the marketer’s website and 39% call a vendor after viewing a video.
90% of the Singaporean people find video marketing helpful for them when they their purchasing decision
In Singapore, video on an ecommerce site can increase the order value at least 50%.

E mail Marketing statistics in Singapore

·   The number of active email users is forecasted to reach 4.3 billion in 2022.
·   Average expected ROI is $32 for every $1 you spend on email marketing.
·    81% of small businesses rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel, and 80% for retention.
·    Sending 3 abandoned cart emails results in 69% more orders than a single email.
·    Videos added to your email increase click rates by 300%.
·   The average open rate for a welcome email is 82%.
·   Emails with personalized subject lines generate 50% higher open rates.
·   49% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands.
·    49% of all emails are opened on mobile devices.

Comparison of the cost of digital marketing in Singapore 2019

SEO Cost in Singapore

Basic SEO Package from an agency – Starting Cost  $400 to $700 per month
Advanced SEO Package – Starting Cost  from $700 per month onwards
SEO services usual monthly price between $500 – $1500 per month
Depending on the complexity of the site This can be $500 – $1500
Category of SEO services Cost
Cost per content (CPC) $300 (for 1000 words)
Cost for optimization $500-$20000 (monthly package)
Cost per project $1000 to $6000
Consultants cost per hour $100 to $400

SEM Cost in Singapore

Items Basic plan cost Aggressive plan cost Market leader plan cost
Monthly PPC spend with PPC networks Up to $2,000 $2,001 to $10,000 $10,000 – $40,000
Frist banner ad design for display Add $900 Add $900 Included
Quarterly banner ad design Add $300 Add $300 Included
Google shopping Management $250/month $250/month $250/month
International Campaigns $250 $250 $250
Weekly Data Calls and Review $400/month $400/month $400/month

CRO Cost

Conversion rate audit: Minimal cost of $999 for one 45 minute session
New landing page design & creation: Starting at $5,000
Landing page optimization: From $3,000-$8,000 per month
Full website optimization: From $3,000-$8,000 per month
Typically CRO companies charge in Singapore between $4000 on the lower end, $12000 for on the average and 25000 per month on the more expensive end.

Social Media Marketing Costs

Facebook Marketing Cost in Singapore-2019

Services Average cost
Cost per click (CPC) $1.10
Cost per 100 impressions (CPM) $7.30
Facebook marketing $800

Instagram Marketing Cost in Singapore-2019

Services Average cost
Cost per click (CPC) $1.40
Cost per 100 impressions (CPM) $6.80
Instagram marketing cost $900

Linkedin Marketing Cost-2019

Services Average cost
Cost per click (CPC) $2.00
Cost per 100 impressions (CMP) $8.00
Instagram marketing cost $600

Google Marketing Cost-2019

Services Average cost
Cost per click (CPC) $2
Cost of Google ads $900

Comparison of Social Media Marketing Items and their Average Cost-2019

Digital marketing items Average Costs
Facebook marketing $800
Instagram marketing $900
Instagram marketing $600
Email marketing $700
Google ads $900

digital marketing average costs in Singapore

digital marketing average costs in Singapore

Comparison of average cost of CPC, CPM in Singapore-2019

CPC, CPM Average Costs
Cost per click (CPC) (Facebook) $1.10
Cost per 100 impressions (Facebook) $7.30
Cost per click (CPC) (Instagram) $1.40
Cost per 100 impressions (Instagram) $6.80
Cost per click (CPC) (Lindedin) $2.00
Cost per 100 impressions (Linkedin) $8.00
Cost per lead (Email) $1
Cost per click (CPC) (Google) $2

CPC and CPM costs

CPC and CPM costs

Video Marketing

·   Hiring video marketing company cost in Singapore is between $300 – $600 for website and social media videos.
·  The basic videos fall around $300 and premium engagement videos cost around $600.
·   For whiteboard videos, the cost ranges from $1,200 to $2,400.
·   On average, in Singapore companies pay an average YouTube advertising cost of $0.10 to $0.30 per view or action, with an average $10 daily budget.
·  So, YouTube video ads can cost anywhere from $0.10 to $0.30 per click.
·  The average cost of reaching 100,000 viewers is around $20.000.

Email Marketing Cost

Services Average cost
Cost per lead $1
Low cost per email. $0.03
Cost of email marketing $700 (monthly)
List Size up to Monthly Yearly
600 subscribers $11.95 $131.45
1000 subscribers $16.95 $186.45
2000 subscribers $27.95 $307.45
2500 subscribers $30.95 $340.45
5000 subscribers $55.95 $615.45
7500 subscribers $82.95 $912.45
10,000 subscribers $105.95 $1,165.45
15,000 subscribers $133.95 $1,473.45
20,000 subscribers $169.95 $1,869.45
25,000 subscribers $203.95 $2,243.45
30,000 subscribers $239.95 $2,639.45

Comparison of various digital marketing costs in Singapore

Service Name General Service Cost
 SEO $500 – $20,000+ per month
 CPM Around $8
 PPC 5-20% of monthly ad spend
Email marketing $300 – $5,000/month or $0.1 – $0.5/email
Social Media marketing $250 – $10,000/month
Video marketing cost For reaching 100,000 viewers is around $20.000.
CRO $4000 on the lower end
SEM Up to $2,000/monthly basic plan


The need for personalised experiences has seen the emergence of technologies with a variety of applications that are changing how brands conduct internet marketing in Singapore. However, marketers must stay on top of trends to position their brands in an era of changing consumer behaviour and tastes.

Every business today requires to experiment with a variety of internet marketing strategies. Measuring the results of your internet marketing will also help you know where you need to optimise your site and the keywords you should sponsor.

Conducting Internet marketing in Singapore involves a lot of strategising. Nonetheless, it isn’t as difficult as many people have been led to believe. A lot needs to be done if you want to gain the level of online visibility that makes an impact.

We can help you create and run successful internet marketing campaigns in Singapore. Our team of experts have years of experience and are ready to help your business get more leads. Contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation session and more details about our services.

November 17, 2019

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