We offer advocacy, innovation, education and connections to help marketers seize the full potential of their data.

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ANA training provides world-class learning opportunities on a multitude of topics, from data and marketing analytics to copywriting to the latest in digital marketing. Delivered by experts in the field of marketing, ANA courses are available in a variety of formats – in-person, live-online, self-paced online, and custom onsite.

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Access to the DMA e-learning portal is no longer available. ANA members can access on-demand courses on the ANA e-learning portal by clicking the “VIEW ALL COURSES” button. Enrollment data from the DMA e-learning portal will not be transferred to the ANA e-learning portal. Fees may apply when registering for on-demand courses on the ANA e-learning portal based on your membership tier.

Consumer Help

If you are a consumer and you are seeking help due to a marketing matter or to report a complaint, check out our consumer help page. If you are a consumer and you are seeking to reduce unwanted mail or email, go to this website: www.DMAchoice.org, and for online ads, go to http://www.aboutads.info/consumers. You may report a complaint by sending a detailed description to ethics@thedma.org

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